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Advanced Cryogenics, Ltd. offers a substantial menu of CO2 related consulting services. Many of our services include various forms of feasibility studies, specific technical, process, product quality, market, and business-related consulting services to the CO2 source or project. The most popular grass roots CO2 sources today are derived from fermentation projects, along with many types of chemical, energy, and power generating projects.

Some of the services provided include customized feasibility studies, of a general or specific nature, which define markets & market intelligence data, plant/project costs & requirements, and related information for a new or existing CO2 project, to include product purity requirements, and all issues related to competitive data in the industry. Consulting services of a specific nature, and of a longer-term nature are also offered, which are customized according to the needs of the client. The company is also a provider of expert witness support to matters of (CO2 industry/project) litigation. In summary, our carbon dioxide-related consulting services are from a customized, short-term nature, through a long-term service. The nature of the services provided cover largely all technical, business, and market questions which may arise in the development of new CO2 projects from all sources today and tomorrow. The sources assisted by our consulting services include all CO2 source types, which are dedicated to the supply of a (usually refined) carbon dioxide for the merchant trade, as well as (captive/niche) energy-related, and chemical feedstock-related projects. The later niche and captive CO2 projects, can include large or unrefined CO2 usage, such as enhanced oil recovery projects, and chemical feedstock requirements for CO2.

In summary, consulting services usually offered by the company generally surround all raw, refined, or existing captive CO2 sources. CO2 consulting services of a product - applications nature are also offered. This would include the definition and development of all traditional and non-traditional applications for CO2 in industry today.

Geographical Markets Served:

Advanced Cryogenics, Ltd. provides services primarily to North American markets; however, the company is a world - wide business, which can fulfill the needs of projects in all world markets.


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